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31. Cranial Nonmetric Trait Database, 2013 (14 of 14)

1963. Ossenberg, Nancy. A database of cranial measurements covering the Arctic and Northwestern North America as well as Northeast Asia, Eurasia, Africa, and the South Pac... Scholars Portal Dataverse.
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35. Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli isolates from raccoons (Procyon lotor) and the environment on swine farms and conservation areas in southern Ontario

2011. Bondo, Kristin J., Pearl, David L., Jaecko, Nicol, Boerlin, Patrick, Reid-Smith, Richard J., Parmley, Jane, and Jardine, Claire M. Using a repeated cross-sectional study conducted over 3 years, our objectives were to: (1) compare the prevalence and patterns of antimicrobial res... Scholars Portal Dataverse.
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37. Gambling and problem gambling in Ontario 2005 [Canada]

2005. Wiebe, Jamie, Mun, Phil, and Kaufman, Nadine. The overall goal of the present study is to improve understanding of the extent and nature of gambling among adults in Ontario. The key objectives ... Scholars Portal Dataverse.
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38. Gambling involvement and problem gambling in Manitoba 2001 [Canada]

2001. Patton, David, Brown, David, Dhaliwal, Jaste, Pankratz, Curt, and Broszeit, Brian. This is an omnibus prevalence survey that examines gambling in various populations in Manitoba, including adolescent, adult, senior, women, and Fir... Scholars Portal Dataverse.
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39. Health Statistics at a Glance, 1999 [Canada] [B2020]

Statistics Canada. <p>Health Statistics at a Glance tables contain information on socio-economic risk factors or determinants of health, health status, new informatio... Scholars Portal Dataverse.