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3. Church Notre-Dame-du-Foyer Public content

Santana Quintero, Mario. This is a dataset of information compiled for the course of the ARC 6801- E Atelier Projet de recherche / AME 6549 Atelier en conservation course (... Carleton University Dataverse.

6. Fourth Avenue Baptist Church - Integrated Project Dossier (2014) Public content

Santana Quintero, Mario, Dumitrascu, Luminita, Lawson, Carleen, Vong, U Cheng, John, Isaiah, and Morrison, Jeff. The Fourth Avenue Baptist Church is one of the numerous historic buildings scattered across the Glebe. Rising above Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood wi... Carleton University Dataverse.

8. Gold Standard Snapshot Serengeti Bounding Box Coordinates Public content

Schneider, Stefan, Kremer, Stefan, and Taylor, Graham. To contribute to the terrific work done by the Snapshot Serengeti community to provide bounding box coordinates for the Gold Standard Snapshot Sere... University of Guelph Dataverse.