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38. Preventable adverse drug events causing hospitalization: Identifying root causes and developing a surveillance and learning system at an urban community hospital, a cross-sectional observational study Public content

de Lemos, Jane, Loewen, Peter, Zed, Peter, Nagle, Cheryl, McKenzie, Robert, You, Yong Dong, Dabu, Anna, Ling, Peter, and Chan, Richard. <b>Background:</b> To identify root causes of preventable adverse drug events contributing to hospital admission; to develop key messages which ide... UBC Dataverse.

39. Quesnel Lake Physical Limnology Dataset (2005-2017) Public content

Hamilton, Andrew K., Laval, Bernard E., Petticrew, Ellen L., Albers, Sam J., Allchin, Michael, Baldwin, Susan A., Carmack, Eddy C., Déry, Stephen J., French, Todd D., Granger, Brody, Graves, Kelly E., Owens, Philip N., Selbie, Daniel T., and Vagle, Svein. Dataset of physical limnological observations from Quesnel Lake, British Columbia, Canada produced during research conducted into the impact of the... UBC Dataverse.

40. Replication data for: 2007 intertidal biodiversity survey of Wizard Islet conducted by the Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation Class Restricted content

Aguss, Monica, Beasley, Barb, Bossley, Sasha, Brodziak, Lisa, Comeault, Aaron, Cooling, Meghan, Cross, Lauren, Dhaliwal, Shaun, Hentschel, Amanda, Herman, Tom, Hogan, Jeremy, Huynh, Maily, Ingram, Jessica, Lalonde, Jenn, Levesque, Chantal, Mitchell, Peter, Neilsen, Morton, Prill, Marie, Quinn, Kerra, Rickards, Karen, Starkhouse, Ben, Tyne, Sarah, Walker, Jon, and Yu, Jessica. In 1997 the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre established a long-term monitoring project to collect baseline data o... UBC Dataverse.